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4 days

Program Overview

The Washington DC Democracy in Action program engages students in the evolution of U.S. history. On a customized scavenger hunt at the Smithsonian Museums, curriculum transforms into a game of teamwork and discovery. Guide the learning journey through the basic freedoms of U.S. citizens at the National Archives, viewing the Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. On an architectural journey at the U.S. Capitol Building, see the 13 statues in the Crypt, stand in the domed Rotunda, and compare the National Statuary Hall to the ancient Greek amphitheater. Get inspired by the largest library in the world, the Library of Congress and see the golden Flame of Knowledge. Setting a solid example of the nation’s third branch of government in stone, the U.S. Supreme Court resembles a Roman temple.

Reflect on the history and memories of leaders and citizens who forged U.S. freedoms. Honor the sacrifice of the millions who have served and the hundreds of thousands who have given their lives at the World War II Memorial. Discover two of Lincoln’s most famous speeches at the Lincoln Memorial, which dedicate his memory to equality and freedom for all. Additionally, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. At Mount Vernon explore George Washington’s estate, which is still a pristine example of U.S. colonial life from the mansion to the farms. Nearby, Old Town Alexandria still keeps history alive throughout its cobblestone streets. On a visit to Ford’s Theatre, get into the dramatization of history where John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Lincoln and go to Peterson’s House, where Lincoln was surrounded by support in his final hours.

Daily Itinerary

Learning Outcomes

The Washington DC Democracy in Action program introduces students to the history that the United States is built on through tours of national monuments and memorials, integrating curricular knowledge with cultural context and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Experience history on sightseeing tours of national landmarks, a viewing of the documents that shape U.S. rights and freedoms, and following the hints on scavenger hunt. With a curated curriculum for educators to apply with the program, students are empowered to put their learning into practice before, during and after the trip.

Services Included


Quality, safe hotels with quad occupancy corresponding to the destination.

Overnight Security

A night chaperone is on site to ensure security.


All transportation is provided throughout the program.

Round-Trip Flights

Airfare covers round-trip flights from major airports.


Two meals are provided daily, breakfast and dinner, featuring local cuisine.


Interactive learning experiences designed to expand educational and career goals.

Curated Experiences

Customized experiences developed by travel experts to promote learning and engagement.

Tours and Activities

Scheduled activities, experiences and guided tours are all included.

Full-Time Tour Directors

Full-time Tour Directors are on site for the duration of the trip, for an all-inclusive experience.


Tips for bus drivers, guides, Tour Directors and meals.

Interactive Technology

Advanced student security software that integrates geofencing, logistics, communication and more optimized safety features.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 staff availability, supporting students every step of the way.

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