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We know that sending teens away from home can be stressful worrying. Your concerns are our concerns, so we’ve invested in advanced tracking technology using GPS. Administrators and parents can easily track students in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

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3 Benefits statements

Industry Connection

Hands-on experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups, giving insight into what top employers are looking for, plus potential connections for future job opportunities.

Reliability & Safety

Advanced technology for seamless planning and communication, including real-time GPS tracking for students.

Curated Experience

Customized itineraries that combine learning, sightseeing, and exceptional meals to create lasting memories.


  • Plan travel easily with simple, stress-free standardization.
  • Rest easy with student GPS tracking through the Experience App.
  • Seamlessly check into events from class, during activities, or back on the bus en route to the next adventure.
  • Communicate important feedback and create support tickets through the app, linking you directly with the team involved in your program.
  • Enjoy carefree logistics connecting students and busses, no matter how large the group.
  • Share calendar updates in real-time to effectively notify students, parents and administrators of changes during activities.
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