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Customized Learning To Fit Any Need



Let us plan a custom independent curriculum to supplement what your students are currently learning in their home classroom. Our stand-alone curriculum are designed to introduce students to new skills and growing industries as a core aspect of their study tour.



We can transport a curriculum from the home classroom and translate it so that study topics connect with the U.S. context, but also complement and integrate with learning back home. Students won’t miss any of their work from home, but will gain a valuable international perspective while enjoying their study tour.



Seattle, L.A.

Game Development

Seattle, L.A., Vancouver


Seattle, L.A., Vancouver


Seattle, L.A., Vancouver

Global Citizenship

Seattle, L.A., Vancouver



Fashion Design

L.A., London/Brighton

What’s Included?

We are committed to ensuring that every student has the best experience
possible on our study tours. We do this by putting heart and soul into each program,
and by sourcing and providing every service ourselves from end-to-end.

Our housing options include university dorms, hotels, hostels, and homestay. When it comes to our hosts, we do not use any outside agencies and know every one of our host families personally. Without caring families, a program can only be so good.

We use a combination of private and public transportation, offering freedom and mobility around the city.

We’ll take the stress out of travel planning by helping you find and book the flights that best fit your budget. Morning, afternoon, or night, we’ll help you get to your end destination and the start of your journey.

We provide a custom-tailored educational program. Select between one and four education modules and let us create a special learning experience.

Let us create a full program schedule based on the best activities, tours, and site visits a city has to offer.

Our programs offer full-service 24/7 support, plus we provide students with mobile phones loaded with unlimited data plans and a range of apps to coordinate the logistics. Working with us means you don’t having to sweat the small stuff.

Students enjoy three meals per day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – provided by our host families, plus the freedom to explore the food spots locals love!

Wide Range Of
Housing Options

We provide housing primarily through our host family community, comprised of caring families we personally vetted and maintain
long standing relationships with. With over 400 loving homestay hosts on the West Coast, we are prepared to
provide your students with a truly immersive experience.

Host Families

University Dorms


Give Your Students The
Experience Edge

Holistic Approach

Learning does not end in the classroom; it’s only where it begins. We designed our study tours to stimulate all the senses with a mix of learning, attractions, activities, plus our signature experiences. In a climate in which youth are susceptible to confusing and sometimes misleading information, a quality international experience provides the grounding and perspective that can help develop thoughtful young global citizens.

Creative Team Projects

Our study tours culminate with a capstone team project that allows students to explore the creative application of the theories they’ve been learning. We believe that a balanced pedagogy mixing theory, exercises and teamwork will deepen learning and critical thinking skills. These are all essential for students entering a new economy that is focusing on collaboration, creativity and soft skills.

Industry Connection

Our special partnerships with leading companies in each of our locations enables students to make real connections with industry leaders, and see what it’s like to work for a Fortune 500 company.

How It Works

Get in touch and let us know what your educational goals are so that we can create a custom tour proposal for you.

See something you’d like to change? We can fix that for you. Like what you see? Confirm your curriculum and set your plan into motion.

We make it easy for you to share your finalized travel plan and itinerary with your group.

Finalize your details and get your students packed and ready to go.

See your program come to life and experience the best of everything we have to offer you and your students.

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