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Are you frustrated by the lack of attention and support you have received on international programs? The problem is common and widespread among administrators we speak with. Schools lack the resources and organization to deal with groups leaving you to deal with unfulfilled students, frustrated parents and short of your goals.

We have designed our organization to address the issues you face, by developing customized curriculum paired with company tours, carefully selected host families, opportunities to meet local students and a curated experience with your students needs in mind.

We have invested in all the services so that were accountable to you for every expectation set and outcome achieved. Our investment and expertise will allow students to gain cultural understanding, make new friends and ad an international context to their learning. Our technology and support will make this a worry and stress free experience allowing you to focus on achieving and progressing your schools goal in a strong long-term partnership.

Confident Partnership

We invest in our relationships and deliver what we promise so you can proudly offer opportunities to students and parents.

Customized Learning

Every school has different goals, leave the off the shelf programs behind and gain newfound confidence in a customized curriculum tailored to your students.

Industry Connection

Connect with Fortune 500 companies to start ups to get a behind the scenes look at emerging trends and what employers are looking for.

Tech for your 21st century travel experience

Our technology connects ourselves with students, administrators and parents for efficient planning and smooth logistics. Freeing up time to focus on discovery and connection so no time is wasted on our programs.

We know sending teens away from home is stressful and can be worrying. Your worry is our worry, so we invested in advanced tracking technology based on GPS. Administrators and parents are relieved to check into real-time data from anywhere in the world.


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