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We can transport a curriculum from the home classroom and translate it so that study topics connect with the U.S. context, but also complement and integrate with learning back home. Students won’t miss any of their work from home, but will gain a valuable international perspective while enjoying their study tour.

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3 Benefits statements

Industry Connection

Connect with Fortune 500 companies to start ups to get a behind the scenes look at emerging trends and what employers are looking for.

Safety & Security

Advanced technology creates smooth logistics and real time monitoring of each and every student.

Curated Experience

Carefully planned combinations of learning, sightseeing, activities and special meals create lasting memories.

Confidence and reliability to inspire your students

Tech for your 21st century
travel experience

Tech for your 21st century tour

  • Stress-free standardization makes it easy and simple to plan for travel.
  • Relief in Track students with GPS through the Experience App
  • Seamlessly check into events from class, to activities or back into the bus to get to the next stop.
  • Confidence to communicate important feedback and create support tickets through the app directly with the team involved in your program.
  • Carefree logistics connects students and busses no matter how large the group

Study Tours


Seattle, L.A.

Game Development

Seattle, L.A., Vancouver

Computer Science



Seattle, L.A., Vancouver


Seattle, L.A., Vancouver

Global Citizenship

Seattle, L.A., Vancouver



Fashion Design

L.A., London/Brighton

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