5 days

Program Overview

Experience the latest trends in robotics, engineering and computer science with our Seattle STEAM program. Tour the headquarters and facilities of tech giants: Boeing, Microsoft and Amazon. Learn from the experts through interactive workshops and lectures that feature coding, programming, robotics and engineering or 3D printing. Engage in exciting opportunities in STEAM education and career paths, while exploring the favorite spots of locals and the landmarks of Seattle.


Destination Highlights

Surrounded by mountain ranges, deep glacial lakes, and year-round greenery, Seattle commands some of the most breathtaking views in the Pacific Northwest – it’s no wonder that cutting-edge companies like Amazon, Starbucks and Boeing decided to set up shop here.

Discover the industry innovators of evolving technology in the greater Seattle area. See the latest in aircraft engineering on a tour of the largest building in the world by volume, Boeing Everett Factory, and watch the assembly of the 787 Dreamliner in action. Visit Microsoft’s Redmond Headquarters to see what emerging tech has become a reality on The Future of Tech Tour. Ask questions of an Amazon employee on a walking tour of Amazon’s Seattle Headquarters to find out more about the leader of online retail.

Day 3: Seattle and Redmond – Tech Industry

On The Future of Tech Tour at Microsoft, see incredible uses for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Xbox game development and the latest tech products through interactive exhibits. Later, learn coding and programming during a workshop with the experts at Microsoft. Back in Seattle, learn about the leader of online retail with an Amazon employee Q&A along with a walking tour of Amazon’s Seattle Headquarters. Visit an Amazon Go store, where shopping is run by advanced cashier-less technology.

- Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters Future of Tech Tour
- Microsoft Coding and Programming Workshop
- Amazon’s Seattle headquarters tour with Q&A
- Visit at Amazon Go store

Daily Itinerary

Learning Outcomes

This Seattle STEAM program is designed to improve student success in this ever-evolving career field, giving them connections to experts in the industry. Gain insights in a lecture from a Facebook Engineer at the University of Washington. Take away new knowledge about robotics and engineering from the experts at Boeing. Learn the future of technology, programming, coding and Xbox game development at Microsoft. Get curiosities answered in a Q&A with an Amazon employee.

Services Included


Private transportation provided throughout the program.


All scheduled activities and experiences are included in the cost.


Local hotel (quad occupancy) accommodations, with a night chaperone to ensure security.


Two meals are provided daily: breakfast and dinner.


Interactive learning experiences designed to expand educational and career goals.


Advanced student security software that integrates geofencing, logistics, communication and more optimized safety features.


Dedicated 24/7 staff availability, supporting students every step of the way.


Tour Directors create a fun and engaging learning experience for students.