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Experience business programs help students learn what it takes to build a business from the ground up. Students meet other ambitious young people from all over the world and together work to turn their passion into success. Teams develop a concept for a product or service, receive expert guidance from world-class faculty and successful entrepreneurs, then pitch their ideas to a panel of judges who provide feedback and direction.


Our entrepreneurship programs help students understand the process of starting a business from the ground up. Working together, students learn essential analysis skills needed to create a successful produce or service. Students will additionally gain an understanding of the management and leadership challenges that every successful entrepreneur must face and overcome.

Team Projects

Class projects put students into the role of digital marketing managers, asking them to address and analyze key issues in a company’s digital marketing strategy, including how to optimize the company’s website, improve the user experience, and better compete in the online space. Working together, they’ll also develop presentation and project management skills under the guidance of experienced and supportive instructors.

Industry Connection

Our program connects you to an amazing number of successful companies specifically focused on media, marketing, entertainment, and technology.

What’s Included?

We’re devoted to ensuring that every student has the best educational travel experience
possible. We do this by putting heart and soul into each program, and
by sourcing and providing every service ourselves from end-to-end.

Our housing options include university dorms, hotels, hostels, and homestay. When it comes to our hosts, we do not use any outside agencies, but instead personally know every one of our host families. Without caring families, a program can only be so good.

We use a combination of private and public transportation, offering freedom and mobility around the city.

We’ll take the stress out of travel planning by helping you find and book the flights that best fit your budget. Morning, afternoon, or night, we’ll help you get to your end destination and the start of your journey.

We provide a custom-tailored educational program. Select between one and four education modules and let us create a special learning experience.

Let us create a full program schedule based on the best activities, tours, and site visits a city has to offer.

Our programs offer full-service 24/7 support, plus we provide students with mobile phones loaded with unlimited data plans and a range of apps to coordinate the logistics. Working with us means you don’t having to sweat the small stuff.

Students enjoy three meals per day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – provided by our host families, plus the freedom to explore the food spots locals love!

Cities and Highlights




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