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Our story begins at the University of British Columbia, where our two founders met in their first year of college. Soon after graduation, one of our founders, Olen Anderson, started his career in international programs at North Seattle College, and quickly learned how few resources were available to support educational student tour groups. Seeing an unmet need in international education, our founders joined forces to create elevated study tour experiences for students. Experience was born, and every day since we have been driven by our mission to empower the next generation of creators. We believe that experiencing new things, making new friendships, and understanding other cultures are critical to furthering this process.

Our values drive our mission every day. We obsess over quality and we never cut corners. We think you should expect more from student travel, which is why 97% of our students would recommend Experience to a friend, and that is why we have a nearly perfect rating from past students and their parents on social media, making us one of the best student travel companies in America.

Today we offer our experiences in five cities across the U.S.and Canada,and we have impacted over 3,000 students from 17 different countries. Nothing makes what we’ve been doing over the past six years more rewarding than knowing our students experienced new things, connected with different cultures, and grew more confident and independent.

Our Vision

Our mission is to empower students and give young people the opportunity to discover themselves through new travel experiences. What makes a transformative experience? This question drives our innovation strategy and everything we do. We believe we can redefine student travel through our passionate culture, integrated student tour operator services, and care for our customers.

Our Pillars


How our students feel when they join us on our program is important to us. Our culture is all about inclusivity and encouraging students to be themselves.


Every program we offer allows students to take ownership of their own project. Through hands-on learning students gain a deeper understanding of what professionals do every day.


We’ve dedicated ourselves to building an environment where students can connect with each other and create lifelong friendships, because our family is a global one.

Our Team

Jesse Aujla

Managing Director

Olen Anderson

Development Director

Phillip Shekleton

Education Director

Collin Fitzpatrick

Program Manager

Matthew Bal

Brand Manager

Lynette Chen

China Brand Manager

Garrett Weinberg

China Program Manager

Phoibe Purcell

Content Manager

Desiree Kose

Project Fashion Brand Manager

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