Program Overview

This 8-day Moravian Heritage Tour introduces students to the foundation of the Moravian religion by following in the footsteps of its founders. As one of the oldest Protestant denominations in the world, discover what keeps the Moravian Church so sustainable, with a particular emphasis on beekeeping efforts.


Destination Highlights

Our Moravian Heritage Tour tells the story of the Moravian Church from its founding in 15th-century Bohemia through its renewal in 18th-century Saxony. The tale begins in Prague, where theologians like Jan Hus led a movement that became known as the Bohemian Reformation. This set the foundations for the Moravian Church and inspired the Protestant Reformation. While exploring Prague’s beautifully preserved historic core, participants learn the Church’s early history, including the repression endured during the Counter-Reformation. We take in all the sights of Prague on this trip, including the Týn Church, Bethlehem Chapel, Prague Castle and Senate Garden. See another side of the city, visiting The Jewish Quarter, from Pinkas Synagogue to the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Following our time in Prague, we take our time traveling to Herrnhut. Along the way, we stop for communion at the Kunvald linden tree on the site of the first Moravian Church. The Unity of the Brethren planted three linden trees here, before being forced to flee, and the trees grew into one gigantic tree that still stands at the center of Kunvald. En route to Herrnhut, we make a stop to follow the footsteps of the Moravian Brethren to the Besedice Rocks.

The story and program then moves to Herrnhut, the village in Saxony founded by Moravian Church members seeking to flee repression and find renewal for the Church. Meet for worship service in the Saal of a Moravian Church. Spend time at the Zinzendorf residence, where Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf took in refugees from the Bohemian Brethren in 1722. Safe on his land, they established a world mission of spiritual renewal. Learn the stories behind authentic Moravian star-making on a guided tour of the Herrnhut Star Manufactory.

This compelling narrative is intertwined with the history of the Czech nation, which experienced a similar journey of repression and renewal, from the Counter-Reformation to the collapse of communist rule in 1989.

Daily Itinerary

Note: Activities are subject to change based on availability.

Learning Outcomes

On this experiential learning journey, travel back in time to the Bohemian Reformation and the beginnings of the Moravian Church. Learn about the Church’s early history through educational tours and explorations of notable locations. Explore the Zinzendorf lands, attend Moravian Church services and hear about the mission projects of the Moravian communities in this historic area. At Herrnhut Star Manufactory, listen to the stories behind authentic Moravian star-making. Your expert guides have promised to take you to the geographic locations of Moravian history and welcome you to see through the eyes of the Unity of Brethren who came before.

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