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Whether you want to start a group tour, give yourself a head start in a premium summer camp or host students, Experience America provides you the platform and support to achieve your goals. We have invested our resources into creating communities in America’s hottest cities to create rewarding experiences that make the most of your money.

3 Benefits statements

Industry Connection

Connect with Fortune 500 companies to start ups to get a behind the scenes look at emerging trends and what employers are looking for.

Safety & Security

Advanced technology creates smooth logistics and real time monitoring of each and every student.

Curated Experience

Carefully planned combinations of learning, sightseeing, activities and special meals create lasting memories.

Tech for your 21st century travel experience

Our technology connects ourselves with students, administrators and parents for efficient planning and smooth logistics. Freeing up time to focus on discovery and connection so no time is wasted on our programs.

Find Your Program matrix

Educational Tours

Group programs for schools or agencies.

Summer Camps

Open enrollment summer programs for individual students


Welcome an international student into your home


Localized tour services for schools and agencies.

Helping the world’s top schools achieve their goals

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