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As an end-to-end provider, we’re with you every step of the way in creating an exceptional educational experience for your students. It is our mission and our promise to deliver opportunities for learning and growth that transcend what can be taught in the classroom.  Let us help you find a program that fits your goals.

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Confidence and reliability to inspire your students

Are you frustrated by the lack of attention and support you’ve received from other international programs? The problem is common and widespread among administrators we speak with. Schools often lack the resources and organization to manage large groups, leaving you to deal with disappointed students, frustrated parents, and unfulfilled learning goals.

We have designed our organization to address these issues through customized curriculum paired with company tours, carefully selected host families, opportunities to meet local students, and a curated experience with your students’ needs in mind.

We are invested in your outcome,  and we’re accountable for helping you achieve it.. Our investment and expertise allow students to gain cultural understanding, make new friends and add an international context to their learning. Our technology and support will make this a stress-free experience, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture achieving your school’s goals and helping students.

Study Tours


Seattle, L.A.

Game Development

Seattle, L.A., Vancouver

Computer Science



Seattle, L.A., Vancouver

Catholic Heritage Program

New York

Global Citizenship

Seattle, L.A., Vancouver



Fashion Design

L.A., London/Brighton

Value Prop

Confident Partnership

We invest in our relationships and deliver what we promise so you can proudly offer opportunities to students and parents.

Customized Learning

Every school has different goals, and we’re pleased to offer customized curriculums to serve unique needs.

Industry Connection

Students get hands-on experience with Fortune 500 companies and startups, giving insight into what top employers are looking for, plus potential connections for future job opportunities.

Tech for your 21st century tour

  • Stress-free standardization makes it easy and simple to plan for travel.
  • Relief in Track students with GPS through the Experience App.
  • Seamlessly check into events from class, to activities or back into the bus to get to the next stop.
  • Confidence to communicate important feedback and create support tickets through the app directly with the team involved in your program.
  • Carefree logistics connects students and busses no matter how large the group.

Simple + Easy

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