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Make the most of your trip with a new student program Experience America has developed for Eastside Catholic students. This program will show you the very best the city has to offer, including great activities and local traditions. Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy the best trip ever!

New York 9 Days

One of the world’s truly great cities, New York is the place where amazing things can happen at any hour of the day. From the Statue of Liberty to Tribeca, people around the world know New York before ever visiting thanks to how the city’s many iconic locations and cityscapes regularly appear in film and TV. Students will experience this incredible city for themselves in person, from its world-class museums, culture and shopping to the vibrant urban life that it’s famous for. New York has it all, and we’ll help students to jump right in!

We bring the city to life for students with a customized curriculum and schedule that tells the story of New York through the experiences of successive waves of Catholic and other immigrants. From the Great Hall of Ellis Island to the towering spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral, students will learn how immigrants helped build the diverse and dynamic city we know today.

What’s Included?

At Experience America we make sure everything is covered — from housing to technology and beyond — to provide the best experience for our students.

Students will be housed in a 3-star or higher hotel (quad placement) located near the heart of the city.

We provide a mixture of private and public transportation throughout the program.

Our industry tours complement and enhance the curriculum we create for our students.

We provide a bespoke educational program that inspires students while meeting their school’s learning objectives.

All scheduled activities and experiences are inclusive of the cost.

Our programs offer full-service 24/7 support—there is always someone ready and waiting to help!

Three meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with the freedom to explore places locals love!

Benefit 1

Enjoy a comprehensive tour of some of New York and D.C.’s most famous sights and experiences. From the White House to the Statue of Liberty, you’ll see it all, plus experience iconic activities such as dinner in Times Square and a Broadway show.

Benefit 2

Partake in a truly unique cultural immersion experience as you see these destinations through their history. Enjoy iconic foods and traditions and experience what makes New York and D.C. so unique to America.

Benefit 3

Experience signature activities such as a bike tour of the National Mall and a visit to the Empire State Building. You’ll be exposed to a side of the city that locals love, but that you won’t find through any other tour or program.


The Eastside Catholic New York & D.C. program includes all of the
following amazing sights and activities, plus much more.

Let the experts show you the best of the city!

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  • Education on the University of Southern California campus
  • Room in a dorm at USC
  • Three meals per day (A combination of USC and other trendy restaurants)
  • Premium activities around the city included
  • Private transportation throughout camp


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