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The New York & Washington, DC spring break program introduces students to these two great American cities through the lens of inequality. Through customized lectures, site visits and service learning, students will experience not only the famous sights of these cities, they’ll also come away with a deeper understanding of life in America today.

Experience & Learn

Day 1: Arrive in D.C.

Day 2: Washington D.C.
Student orientation
Tour Capitol Hill & the Supreme Court
Take photos in front of the White House

Day 3: Washington D.C.
Explore the Smithsonian Museums

Day 4: Philadelphia City • New York
Tour of Philadelphia
Travel to New York

Day 5: New York City
Visit the 9/11 Memorial
Take a tour of Wall St.
Eat dinner in Times Square

Day 6: New York City
Take a trip to the Statue of Liberty
See a show on Broadway (Optional)

Day 7: New York City
Tour the U.N.
Experience an NBA basketball game

Day 8: New York City
Picnic in Central Park
Visit a local food bank
Closing dinner

Day 9: Depart for home

Understand the complexities of the American political system with a customized orientation and visits to the nation’s most important and iconic government institutions.

Experience American history and culture up close through an awe-inspiring collection that encompasses nearly every aspect of the nation’s art, peoples and scientific achievements.

Gain a deeper understanding of America’s foundational principles by visiting the site where the nation’s founders debated and signed the US Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Take a deep look at two pivotal events that have helped define the age we live in: the tragic 9/11 attacks and the catastrophic Wall Street crash and Great Recession that followed.

Be inspired by how New York has served as a beacon for millions of immigrants eager to start a new life, plus influenced countless artists seeking their own fame and destiny.

Better understand America’s role in the world, whether through international diplomacy in the UN or the global reach of its culture in the form of sports, business and media.

Gain perspective on the lives of New Yorkers as you experience the daily hopes and challenges of its amazingly diverse citizenry, from rich to poor and everyone in between.

What’s Included?

At Experience America we make sure everything is covered — from housing to technology and beyond — to provide the best experience for our students.

Students will be housed in a 3-star or higher hotel (quad placement) located near the heart of the city.

We provide a mixture of private and public transportation throughout the program.

We provide a bespoke educational program that inspires students while meeting their school’s learning objectives.

All scheduled activities and experiences are inclusive of the cost.

Our programs offer full-service 24/7 support—there is always someone ready and waiting to help!

Three meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with the freedom to explore places locals love!

Curated Experience

Customized itineraries that combine learning, sightseeing, and exceptional meals to create lasting memories

Get Inspired

Broaden your worldview and become exposed to new cultures while gaining independence and feeding your curiosity.

Reliability & Safety

Advanced technology for seamless planning and communication, including real-time GPS tracking for students.


The New York & D.C. program includes all of the
following amazing sights and activities, plus much more.

What’s My Investment?

See the world from a different lense!

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