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7 days

Program Overview

Explore the rainforests of Costa Rica on this amazing weeklong adventure. Travel through volcanic mountain ranges and go on river expeditions to see amazing wildlife. Meet bats in their natural environment, during the nocturnal hours. Touch, smell and taste chocolate harvested from the tropical rainforest, experiencing the “food of the gods” at its source. Ride the rapids on a water rafting trip through the vibrant rainforest. Try organic farming of local crops and enjoy a lunch made from the harvest, wrapped in handmade tortillas. Soak in hot springs that are heated by a volcano and bask beneath a waterfall. Zipline through the treetops of a cloud forest, where the activity itself was invented. With new destinations every day, this journey invites limitless discovery.


Destination Highlights

Discover the beauty of Costa Rica, from the soothing waters to the lush treetops, filled with a wide variety of tropical plants and wildlife species. Start the adventure in San Jose and go on a ride through Braulio Carrillo National Park, the second largest park in Costa Rica. In Sarapiqui, visit the Pierella butterfly and ecological garden, hosting a great diversity of environments and wildlife to explore. Tour Pierella’s birding trails and capture fabulous photos of colorful birds in flight. Experience the tropical evergreen tree that is responsible for chocolate at a cacao plantation. Continue this multisensory exploration of the “food of the gods” at Cacao Rancho, in the middle of a protected forest.

In a tropical rainforest, be an explorer and a scientist for a day, exploring aquatic ecosystems and searching for unique wildlife. Go whitewater rafting in the Sarapiqui River, soaring through a vibrant rainforest over rolling rapids. Evaluate the water quality of the Sarapiqui River using physical, biological and chemical surveys. Observe what plants and animals thrive in this body of water, considering what holds their ecological relationship in balance. Go on a guided adventure on rainforest trails to find bats in their natural habitat, participate in a live lab and multimedia presentation. Explore the nocturnal world to dispel myths about bats, with the opportunity to interact with these wonderful mammals.

Costa Rica is a place of growth and healing, as students learn on a day in Arenal Volcano National Park. Get acquainted with the area first on a stop at La Fortuna Waterfall, cascading gracefully through the flora and fauna into the crystalline waters below. Learn sustainable agricultural techniques from a local farming family at Arenal Vida Campesina, through demonstrations of their sugar mill and cultivated crops, such as coffee, bananas and plantains. Enjoy a traditional lunch with freshly harvested vegetables from the farm, along with a lesson on making tortillas. Float in an oasis of wellness in the thermal pools heated by Arenal Volcano or in cool water pools by the waterfall at EcoTermales Fortuna.

Experience the wonders of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, one of the world’s premier natural history destinations. On a tour of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, explore the plant life of mosses, lichens and orchids with chances to encounter monkeys, coatimundis and numerous bird species, such as the resplendent quetzal. Later that day, visit the Monteverde Frog Pond at Santa Elena to admire over 40 species of venomous and non-venomous snakes, poisonous frogs, toads, lizards and turtles. Discover exhilarating panoramic views on a zipline adventure in Monteverde, where ziplining was invented. Glide through the clouds along cables that cross mountains, flying through the treetops.

Daily Itinerary

Learning Outcomes

On this Costa Rica adventure, students learn about biodiverse ecosystems of rainforests and rivers. Traveling through tropical rainforests, students are introduced to an abundance of new species of plants and animals. There are hands-on activities, where students interact with bats, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles. With trained experts and researchers, students test aquatic ecosystems, compare plants and soils, learn sustainable farming and consider the difference between a cloud forest and a rainforest.

Services Included


Quality, safe hotels with twin or triple occupancy corresponding to the destination.


All transportation is provided throughout the program.

Round-Trip Flights

Airfare covers round-trip flights from major airports.


All three meals are provided daily, featuring local cuisine.


Interactive learning experiences designed to expand educational and career goals.

Curated Experiences

Customized experiences developed by travel experts to promote learning and engagement.

Tours and Activities

Scheduled activities, experiences and guided tours are all included.

Full-Time Tour Directors

Full-time Tour Directors are on site for the duration of the trip, for an all-inclusive experience.


Tips for bus drivers, guides, Tour Directors and meals.

Interactive Technology

Advanced student security software that integrates geofencing, logistics, communication and more optimized safety features.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 staff availability, supporting students every step of the way.


International travel insurance is provided for protection in case of accidents, illness, flight interruptions or baggage loss.

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