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About Us

Starting in 2012, Experience America set out on a journey to bring learning to life through travel and immersion. In collaboration with top universities and industry innovators, we provide unparalleled experiences that inspire students to excel in their educational and career goals. Engaging students in education through travel, increases cultural awareness and broadens student horizons, inspiring a lifetime of discovery.

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Building Strong Foundations

Experiential learning is the leading way to engage in education, putting curriculum into context to increase student success in the real world. Our integrated lesson plans are designed to continue the experience in the classroom.

Experiential Learning

More than simply an educational tour, we lead our travelers on interactive learning experiences that apply to their areas of interest. We collaborate with educators on their desired programs to create lesson plans that empower travelers to put learning into practice. By connecting our groups with industry experts through workshops, tours and lectures as well as hands-on learning at museums of science, art and history, we integrate curriculum into all aspects of your trips. With our programs, the world becomes a classroom, demonstrating new ways of thinking, enhancing personal development and expanding global awareness.

Exclusive Safety and
Travel Technology

Our proprietary software is our innovative solution to safeguard our travelers. Advanced preparation is managed through our travel technology to ensure a safe and productive trip for all participants on our educational tours. Essential trip information is accessible to authorized individuals on our travel app, including flights, itineraries, medical details and contacts. With the real-time geofencing feature, no one gets lost in the crowd and the leaders of the group have an awareness of where travelers are at all times. Communication within the tour group through our travel technology allows everyone to stay connected during the trip.

Curated Experiences

Our travel experts are well-versed in destinations around the world, researching and developing custom itineraries that are most impactful to the educational goals of our travelers. By identifying key activities and addressing the values of educators, we design authentic programs that promote learning and group engagement. We go beyond the known, basic sightseeing trips, and discover experiences that truly capture the imagination. On our educational tours, travelers get to dig into the science, uncover the history and engage in the culture wherever they travel with us

Unparalleled Customer Service

From day one, our Travel Specialists step into the shoes of our travelers to build a relationship from a true foundation and continue with them throughout the whole process. Our programs are collaborative, listening to what our travelers are looking for and asking questions, so we can set up the perfect educational tour together. For all our trips, we provide 24/7 on-call support over the phone and a licensed Tour Director who knows the program and the destination inside and out. We take pride in our programs, ensuring enriching and safe experiences, so our travelers have stories worth sharing for a lifetime.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Activities, transportation, meals and services throughout our educational tours are covered, as stated on the program itineraries. We have no hidden fees and any out-of-pocket spending is designed to give our travelers the freedom to explore. Guides and drivers are tipped as part of the services included, so the trip can move along smoothly without worrying over the details. Once the program begins, there’s nothing else left to do but experience!

How to Get Started


Select a program

Consider our global and local experiences, choosing based on destination, academic focus and professional goals.


Promote the Experience

Share with the school, parents and students about the selected program and offer fundraising options, so everyone can have the opportunity to participate.


Travel Planning

We provide packing lists, travel logistics, lesson plans and more to make planning easy.