About Us

Starting in 2012, Experience set out on a journey to bring learning to life through travel and immersion. In collaboration with top universities and industry innovators, we provide unparalleled experiences that inspire students to excel in their educational and career goals. Engaging students in education through travel increases cultural awareness and broadens students' horizons, inspiring a lifetime of discovery.

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Benefits of Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the leading way to engage in education, putting curriculum into context to increase student success in the real world. Our integrated lesson plans are designed to continue the experience in the classroom.

Customized Education

Our programs are customized with unique lesson plans, experiential learning activities, tours of iconic landmarks, comprehensive lectures, classes with industry experts and more. During the trip, students experience the life and culture of the places they have only imagined!

Signature Activities

We have curated activities that promote learning and student engagement. Not only do students get the chance to experience big-name attractions, they also get to explore the places and activities loved by locals.


For our programs, students stay in local area hotels, with host families or in dormitory accommodations. Student safety and comfort is our top priority and we have taken responsible measures to ensure their protection and wellness throughout their stay. Our staff is always available to offer service and support.


Our proprietary security software innovates student travel, keeping everyone connected in real time. We provide peace of mind for parents and educators wherever students go, with features that find students immediately and improve communication efficiency.

How to Get Started


Select a program

Consider our global and local experiences, choosing based on destination, academic focus and professional goals.


Promote the Experience

Share with the school, parents and students about the selected program and offer fundraising options, so everyone can have the opportunity to participate.


Travel Planning

We provide packing lists, travel logistics, lesson plans and more to make planning easy.