Why Host?

Experience America Homestay provides safe, quality homes for our international student groups while they are studying in America. Hosting students is a great cultural learning experience for everyone involved and allows you to make lifelong friendships with people from around the world. We are looking for families who will genuinely enjoy the experience of welcoming international students and providing a warm and comfortable home away from home. We would love you to be a part of our growing family network!



Our Difference

Length of Stay

Short-term students will typically stay with you for 2-4 weeks throughout the year. Long-term students can stay from 3 months to 1+ year.


The Experience America staff is always a phone call away should you need any resources or assistance!

Direct Payments

We will compensate you directly for hosting, you will never have to ask or collect money from students. We also offer direct deposit for your convenience.

Legal Guardianship

Experience America assumes full liability for the duration of the students' stay. If anything were to happen to the student, we are responsible.

What's Required?

As a host family, you are compensated for providing students with a comfortable living environment for the duration of their visit. The following guidelines represent a suitable living situation for each student:


  • Private bedroom with window (though each student is generally required to have their own bedroom, shared rooms between two short-term students is okay as long as they have their own beds)
  • Bed and bed linens
  • Place to study and wardrobe
  • Bathroom (private or shared)


  • Available heating
  • Available laundry facilities
  • Wireless internet


  • All families are required to supply students with two meals a day during weekdays--breakfast and dinner. Lunches must also be provided to students on the weekends.


  • The minimum number of short-term students that can be approved at any one time for each homestay is two.
  • 15 minute walking distance to bus stop